FirearmSafe for iOS

FirearmSafe is the original firearm cataloging app for iOS devices.

FirearmSafe is an app for responsible firearm owners who want to safely store information about their guns, ammo, accessories, visits to the range and much more.

All firearm owners should safely store important information (serial numbers, descriptions, value, etc) about their firearms and accessories in the unlikely event of theft or destruction. As an owner of firearms, YOU are responsible for reporting if your guns are stolen or lost. Would you have all the information you needed readily available? With FirearmSafe you will.

FirearmSafe lets you easily record all that important information in one place and secure it with a 4 - 10 digit PIN number. You can even use your fingerprint (TouchID) or face (FaceID) to unlock your safe (on supported devices).

Store information about your ammo inventory, accessories, knives, concealed carry weapons (CCW) permits, and your visits to the shooting range. Ammo inventories are even updated as you record their use at the range. And visual alerts let you know of a firearm that is due to be cleaned.

FirearmSafe also includes additional features such as a range, gun store, and gunsmith locator map.

Coming soon: You can export your data from one device and import it into another; keeping them in sync. Using the new built-in Files App in iOS 11 (and newer), you can copy your data to iCloud Drive, DropBox and OneDrive. New cloud services integrated into the Files App will just work when they are added. Your data is never transferred off your device unless you specifically do so yourself.

Reporting capabilities allow you to create and save PDF reports of your inventory. Select the data you want included in the report and generate the printer friendly file. The resulting report can be printed to any AirPrint compatible printer right from your device. Using the iOS sharing capabilities, you can also save reports for printing later or just to keep a history.

All this is avaiable on the app store for a one time purchase price of $4.99. There are no in-app purchases and no subscriptions. New features are always added through free updates.